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Metaphysics is a magical teaching, which  solves difficulties and makes people happy;  deals with the Positive Mind, the Inner Christ, the Seven Rays, and Forgiveness.  This word means  "that which goes beyond the physical," such as the spiritual. The most important thing in Metaphysics is to make people happy, solving their conflicts. We work to build a better world, without destroying, dividing, or fragmenting. (Excerpt from the book "Pillars of Metaphysics"

by Ruben Cedeno).



The Metaphysical Spiritual Teaching brings together, implements and expands the purest and most constructive Spiritual Teachings given to humanity by the Spiritual Hierarchy of Shamballa, by the most serious Spiritual Schools and Societies, the Great Religions and their Saints – from the most ancient to those of most recent news–, amalgamated, synthesized and exposed in the simplest way, with the purpose that humanity externalize its “Divine Spark” and realize the union with the Most Sacred Origin of All Creation, or God.


It fulfills this purpose through Facilitators that make up Groups of World Servers of the New Era, who coordinate schools of instruction, within the “Open Classroom” system, with pedagogically designed programs; these schools are scattered throughout the American continent, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, certain countries in Africa and Asia; they do not charge for their activities and share general objectives.



1. Be Positive.

2. Unfold the Internal Christ.

3. Develop the Seven Rays.

4. Live in an Attitude of Forgiveness. 

5. Practice the Seven Universal Principles.

6. Know the Spiritual Hierarchy.

7. Facilitate this Teaching.

(Excerpt from the book "Pillars of Metaphysics"



The Metaphysical Spiritual Teaching does not contemplate the physical existence of a director or guru, but only facilitators who communicate the instruction to the different groups of students. Just as Catholicism cannot exist without priests, Judaism without rabbis, Hinduism without gurus, and Tibetan Buddhism without lamas, in the same way Metaphysics cannot exist without facilitators, that is why it takes care of their formation, protects their existence. , gives them all the help they may require, and they are thanked for the immense service they render.


Due to life circumstances, after the physical disappearance of Conny Méndez in 1979, Rubén Cedeño continued to nurture many groups with his writings, talks, advice, immense selfless love and service, which has produced that almost all Metaphysics and related groups that exist benefit from his instructions, even so, he does not assume to be director of anything, only for affection and years of service, most groups freely accept his pedagogical and spiritual suggestions to continue with this way of learning to live better.  




The Metaphysical Spiritual Teaching that is implemented according to the programs of Rubén Cedeño and that covers his literature, includes the study of:


"The Seven Universal Principles", the triune and sevenfold Constitution of the human being, and the way to carry out the Magnus Opus, Ontology, Theology and Epistemology, Anthropogenesis, Cosmogenesis, Meditation, study of the Seven Rays, Masters and Ashrams of the Spiritual Hierarchy , Seven Planes, Schemes of Evolution, Great Yogas, Mantric Science, the Buddhas, Boddhisattwas and Dhyani Buddhas, Kabala, Requirements of the Path, minor and major Initiations, the deciphered Bible, Pedagogy and Spiritual Didactics; the Mahadevas and Esoteric Healing techniques; occult interpretation of the Great Operas, periods of art history and musical appreciation, Buddhadharma, Tibetanism, Hinduism, Egyptology, Greek, Roman, Inca, and Aztec Mythology.



The Metaphysical Spiritual Teaching adds, intelligently and affectively, to the Purpose that the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Shamballa Know and Serve, as they are the ones who secretly and constructively govern the destinies of Humanity in the fulfillment of the Will of God, which is always the Good and whose objectives are:  


1. Enforce "The Divine Plan of Perfection" of Humanity, "Ascending" and stimulating the Ascension through the arduous and steep path, without being intimidated by the obstacles. 

2. Make Humanity know itself intelligently, both externally and internally, through study, Observation and Meditation.


3. Act and make act according to "The Seven Rays", "The Seven Universal Principles", "The Christ", and the "I Am Presence".  


4. Be fraternal, Free from evil, destruction and ignorance.  


5. Stay detached from personal interests, by living in the Truth, keeping it faithfully, without receiving or asking for reward, or complaining when disappointed.  


6. Be completely Pure of intentions and be provided with everything you need.  


7. Work fraternizing in unity with all the kingdoms, especially the human, serving them and spreading the Teaching, so that everyone may live constructively.  



The members of the Metaphysical Spiritual Teaching groups are people of all races, nationalities, sexual orientations, religions and philosophical tendencies, whose objectives are:  


1. To sustain a team of people of Goodwill and World Servers fraternally united as an enclave of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Shamballa on Earth.  


2. Study, practice and spread the Spiritual Teachings you receive. 

3. Always be in all circumstances, affective, collaborative, and helpful.  


4. Recognize that the conflicts between the members of the group are purifications, training and tests of the spiritual transit and that they are overcome without evading them, extracting from them the maximum learning and benefit.  


5. Consecrate oneself to God and collaborate intelligently and affectionately with the Group Facilitator, a person freely chosen by the participant.  


6. Collaborate freely and spontaneously with the economic supply or the physical contribution that is necessary for the support of the group.  


7. Maintain a nucleus of Compassionate Love that provides help to everyone who needs it. 

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