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Groups in Argentina


All activities are communicated in the form  simple and didactic , you can start attending them without having studied the subject before or having read a book.  


If you want to participate in the weekly Metaphysics activities that are carried out

throughout the country, you can search for the group

closest to your home in this section.

Events in Argentina


Through the Metaphysical Group of Buenos Aires and numerous groups throughout the country , 

Seminars and Congresses dedicated to specific topics are held

If you want to know the next events that will take place in your city , you can find all that information in this section.

Do you want to receive information about events in Buenos Aires?



Metaphysics is a magical teaching, which  solves difficulties and makes people happy; deals with the Positive Mind, the Inner Christ, the Seven Rays, and Forgiveness.  This  word means  "that which goes beyond the physical," such as the spiritual.  

We work to build a better world, without destroying, dividing, or fragmenting.

Excerpt from the book "Pillars of Metaphysics"

by Ruben Cedeno

Our activities

are held with  voluntary contributions.

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